Housing for Homeless Veterans

Housing for Homeless Veterans

In 1988, Pennsylvania American Legion Housing for Homeless Veterans Corporation purchased four town houses on Cypress Street, Moon Township in Allegheny County. The concept is simple — provide a safe,clean, stable environment for the participant while he/she completes schooling, job training and becomes adequately self sufficient to seek permanent housing in the surrounding community.

The Cypress Street Project quickly received national attention and has served as a basis for many similar projects in the Pittsburgh area and throughout the country.

Since its humble beginnings with the Cypress Street Project, the Pennsylvania American Legion’s Housing for Homeless Veterans Program has continued to grow and expand throughout the state.

In 1995, the Corporation expanded its operation to the Philadelphia area. The next addition to the program was in Ephrata, Lancaster County. Purchased in 1998, the home provides stable transitional housing for five veterans in central Pennsylvania.  And our latest addition was in 2012 adding a home in the Harrisburg area.

Each participant is responsible to take part in cleaning of the house, cooking and maintaining the jointly used facilities. Each is also responsible for keeping his/her assigned area clean and doing their own laundry.

Our program is designed to enhance the quality of life for the veteran. The goal is to become productive tax paying citizens by securing a good decent job. Over the years, we have had over 400 veterans go through our program with an 85% success rate. The remodeling and upkeep of these homes is the responsibility of the Corporation.

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